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1 Concept, Multi Products

The “1 Concept, Multi Products” maxim, which characterizes jigowatt’s creative work, is a key phrase for enabling us to build organic promotion environments that solve customer’s problems and meet their needs. Promotions derived from a single concept are analyzed from the upstream of the marketing process and applied to various forms of corporate communication.
This allows as to offer multidimensional solutions to problems, and we believe that it enables us to contribute to the bottom line of our customers by delivering outcomes on a higher scale.

1Concept Multi Products


Jigowatt’s business comprises the design of exhibition spaces and showrooms, i.e. real-world spaces (Live), and the design of websites, i.e. Internet media (Net). We define these two types of media as a “framework for corporate communications that links people with people and people with things,” and offer a multi-faceted design service that serves to optimize our customers’ promotions.
And with the goal of shifting from ways of promoting customers’ products and services that “lead to sales” to “mechanisms that result in continuous sales,” we have been repositioning our focus to touchpoints for the various stakeholders that surround our customers and provide brand designs that result in enhanced brand recognition.

Space Design & Promotion

We design corporate communication spaces, particularly exhibition booths and showrooms.
To ensure that your space draws in customers and communicates your message, we not only design the space and produce the graphics, we also make your concept visible by making comprehensive use of digital media such as video and websites.

  • Expos, trade fairs
  • Corporate events, private shows
  • Academic conferences, roadshows
Offices / showrooms / interior design
  • Offices, entrances and spaces for guests
  • Showrooms, permanent display fixtures and furniture
  • Technical centers, factory space

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Web Design & Promotion

We plan and produce official corporate websites as well as promotional websites.
We adopt a market viewpoint to identify customer needs and deliver solutions to their problems, and put together sites that are incredibly easy and highly satisfying for visitors to use. By ensuring accurate sentence structure, maintenance is stress free, and we also never neglect even the areas you cannot see. For example, we take steps to optimize your site for search engines.

  • Official corporate sites
  • Product/service promotion sites
  • Intranets
  • EC system construction
  • Media and portal sites
  • Public-service sites


In addition to developing your corporate brand, product brands, service brand vision, and concept, we can develop your VI (visual identity) and propose basic designs for your VI.

  • Corporate brands
  • Product brands
  • Service brands


1Understand products and technology
picWe learn as much as we can about the products and technologies that play the central role in your business.
Through understanding, modes of expression change.
People who are poor at mathematics, physics, and chemistry, diligently memorize specialist terminology and study how they are used and what sorts of products and technologies they are used with. They may have been leaning more seriously than when they were students.
2Listen, ask, effect
To create effective plans, we place importance on carefully listening and asking questions, and focus on identifying the main topic and other issues.
And we believe that the most important factor for developing listening ability is to proactively fall in love with the topic.
Because once you’re in love with something, it’s impossible to miss even the faintest whispers during a conversation.
3Research trendspic
We never omit to research trends. Not just at exhibition venues, but even when we’re commuting, dining, and shopping ... We try to anticipate trends among visitors, think up a story, and incorporate this into the layout. And we don’t just rely on visual information, we also, for example, employ methods of attracting visitors that utilize all five senses.
4Organize information
Exhibition venues are filled with information, so even if they catch the eye of visitors, expressions that don’t enter their minds or aren’t retained in their memories are meaningless. So at the planning phase, one of our skills is considering things from the point of view of the target and then organizing and conveying information based on that.
5Keep investigating
After visiting the exhibition venue to confirm that there were no problems with our proposal, we prepare a report, hold a meeting with the customer, have the customer complete a questionnaire, etc. In other words, we don’t consider our job to be over as soon as the booth is completed. We use what we have learned to tackle issues in order to ensure that the next exhibition can be even more effective.
写真Exhibition venues are valuable opportunities to meet directly with large numbers of people. We are conscious of every aspect of branding, from the design of the booth to SP tools, novelty goods, customer interaction, management, and the clothes, hairstyles, and language use of hired companions. In other words, we consider how to convey the company’s message so as to leave an impression on visitors.
7Check quality
We ensure thorough quality management from planning to the venue and the deliverables. We have perform multiple checks, and aim to deliver high quality by having staff point out issues that others may not have noticed.